Ultimate 1-1 Fighting and Poomsae Competition - 2014

On Sunday 13th April 2014 MKUTA Taekwondo Academy traveled to Sheffield to the Ultimate 1-1 Fighting and Poomsae competition. We had a team of 17 competitors, with 13 fighters and 13 Poomsae players (some players doubled up) ranging from age 5 to 39 years old. Cesar, Dave Brown, Chris Friss (and John Croucher, when he wasn't competing himself) coached our team, with Arantza refereeing all day.

First up in the mat was Matius. He started us off well and set a high standard for everyone to aspire to, winning comfortably.

Next up was Stanley, for his first-ever fight, which was close, trading points with his opponent, unfortunately just losing 4-5.

Our first girl to fight was Becca, who had an unfair pairing with a taller, older, higher graded girl, who kicked Becca in the eye with her second kick so fight stopped after just 10 secs with César throwing in the towel.

Sankyu had an exhausting two rounds. He did well but regrettably lost.

The first of our senior players, John, fought well against an even more senior opponent. He won 12-1, conceding his only point due to a penalty.

Back to the girls, with Hayley, who suffered the same fate as her sister Becca, in being matched up against a girl 5 years older and at least one head height taller than her, with lots of fighting experience. Although no headshots were allowed in this fight, due to these differences, Hayley list and retired early in the second due to injury.

Our youngest player of the day, Kit, was then called up to the ring, all focused and ready to fight. However when she got there, she had been matched up with a boy, so the fight couldn't go ahead! After an hour or so, they found a great match for her, with both girls of the same age, height and ability, although it was Kit's first ever fight, whereas it was her competitors third. Over 2 one minute rounds, they exchanged kicks, almost taking it in turns, both players actively kicking right to the end of the fight. Kit's opponent landed mire kicks in target resulting with her losing 20 - 25!

Daniel's fight was also delayed due to him competing in the Poomsae competition. Once rescheduled, Daniel won with fighting spirit, against a tough opponent, resulting in a final score of 10-8

Our other senior fighter Bill, fought against the same opponent John beat earlier on. It was Bill's first fight which he easily won conceding only one point, with a proud Matius watching every move!

Next up was JJ, our highest-graded fighter of the day. JJ fought well against a challenging opponent but unfortunately, in the second round he had to retire with an injury to his right foot, thus conceding the fight.

After a furious two rounds, Ethan showed great courage but lost his fight by only two points in the last few seconds.

Robert was ready to fight in the met, but his opponent was nowhere to be seen. After finding another opponent for him, albeit a black belt (when Robert is a blue belt!) he fought well and stood his ground but unfortunately lost 6-5.

Jadd lost 3-1

That's what happened in the fighting, but what about the poomsae competition? This was scored using the flag system, categorized by belt rather than age or gender which produced some interesting pairings. Everyone from our team competed well, at MKUTA high standards, with Matius, Charlotte, Becca, Steve and Daniel all medalling!

The MKUTA team embodied the indomitable spirit of Taekwondo in all their endeavors. In the words of our club member Yi Toong ... We all had "the spirit in our hearts"!

Many thanks to all the mums, dads, brothers, sisters and partners who came along to support our club members! It was a very long day but a great experience for everyone... Very proud of you all!

Photos to coming soon... 

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